Alice House: the perfect holiday home

Fancy staying in bed for as long as you want? Tired of being awoken in the middle of the night by a rowdy hotel guest? Fancy putting your feet up as if you're at home? Looking for a holiday let with the major tourist venues within walking distance? Then Alice House is the perfect holiday home for you!
A centrally located, self-catering holiday home that can sleep up to 6 people, Alice House caters to all your needs. It offers you the privacy of a home, but affords a full view on the Cloth Hall (with the In Flanders Fields Museum), St. George's Memorial Church and the Cathedral which are just a stone's throw away. The church bells don't ring during the night, so you'll still have a quit night!

When staying at Alice House in Ypres, you'll experience a relaxing time. You will have a three storey house to yourself!

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History of
the House

Alice house in Ypres is named after the lady who lived here, and who fled to Nice (France) during wartime.

There she met another Flemish refugee,... my grandfather.

We'd like to welcome you into their house, their story.